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Home Inspection Services We Offer

Our standard home inspection includes a moisture check of all exterior walls as well as an HVAC performance test, which indicates how well a system is working in addition to finding any issues with regard to the duct work. These tests are not typically included with company’s home inspections.

Types of Inspections We Provide

Pre-Listing Inspections

Requested by the seller prior to listing for sale. Taking the initiative and providing a professional home inspection will often create a feeling of good faith between the seller and buyer.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

In today’s market this is the most common home inspection. It is requested by the buyer and makes them aware of the condition of all major systems of a home so they can make an informed decision whether to purchase a property.

New Construction Inspections

Home inspections are not only for existing homes. When purchasing new construction it is important to make sure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction before the closing takes place.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

Not everyone is a handyman. Scheduling annual inspections will keep minor issues from becoming major problems.

Post Renovation Inspections

Renovating your home is very common these days. Having an inspection performed will verify that everything has been completed as agreed prior to the final payment being made to the contractor.

Pre-Closing Inspections

Allows you to be sure that everything agreed to as part of the sale has been completed prior to the closing date.

Condominium Homeowner Association Property Inspections

Complete interior and/or exterior property building inspections will provide your homeowner’s with information regarding preventative maintenance as well as issues that may become problematic in the future.

Four-Point Insurance Inspections

This type of inspection is typically performed for a homeowner when requested by the insurance company in order to obtain an insurance policy or to renew an existing policy.

Bank REO Properties or Short Sales

In this unfortunate circumstance, homes that have gone into disrepair due to vacancy should be inspected prior to their being sold to be sure that all problematic issues and/or repairs can be made part of the sale contract. Follow this link to learn more.